1300SMILES Stadium naming rights extended

1300SMILES Stadium naming rights extended


ASX ANNOUNCEMENT: 1300SMILES Stadium naming rights extended

1300SMILES Ltd is proud to announce it has extended its naming rights sponsorship of 1300SMILES Stadium in Townsville for a further two years. The stadium is the home of the North Queensland Cowboys rugby league team and the venue for numerous sports and entertainment events.

1300SMILES has held these naming rights since 2013. The company believes that this nationwide exposure has worked to boost awareness of the 1300SMILES brand throughout Australia.

The next two years are expected to deliver continuing nationwide publicity via coverage of the regular season NRL matches, two Rugby League World Cup matches and other large-scale entertainment events, whilst the new CBD Stadium is under construction.

In the past few years the stadium has hosted such events as the Nitro Circus and concerts including Keith Urban and Cold Chisel.

ABOUT 1300SMILES LTD: Overview of the Company's business

1300SMILES Ltd owns and operates full-service dental facilities at its sites in New South Wales, South Australia, and in the ten major population centres in Queensland. The company continually seeks to expand its presence into other geographical areas throughout Australia. It does so both by establishing its own new operations and by acquiring existing dental practices. The administrative and corporate offices are in Townsville.

1300SMILES enables the delivery of services to patients by providing the use of dental surgeries, practice management and other services to self-employed dentists who carry on their own dental practices. The services provided by the company allow the dentists to focus on the delivery of dental services rather than on the administrative aspects of carrying on their businesses. The dentists pay fees to the company for the provision of these services under a Dental Service Agreement with the company. In some circumstances the company also employs qualified dentists.

The dentists who use the company's services range from new graduates to experienced dental professionals. Several dentists who use the company's services have special interests and experience in such areas as endodontics, oral surgery, implants and periodontics and cross-refer work to other dentists who use the company's services.

The company provides comprehensive services in the areas of marketing, administration, billing and collections, and facilities certification and licensing to all participating dentists. The company also provides all support staff, equipment and facilities, and sources all consumable goods using the buying power which derives from such a large group of dental businesses.


The company's core objective is to continue to increase profits and shareholder returns while providing a rewarding environment for our staff and the dentists using our facilities.
The company aims to achieve a combination of organic growth in its existing locations and the addition of new practice management facilities.

The key drivers for future growth of the company are:

  • Increasing profits by attracting more dentists to our existing facilities and expanding those facilities which are already at full capacity;

  • Assisting dentists who already practice within the 1300SMILES system to increase their turnover and income through benchmarking, training, and mentoring;

  • Establishing new practices in existing and new regions (greenfield sites);

  • Acquiring substantial existing practices where we can do so on favourable terms; and

  • Managing dental facilities owned by others.


Owners of dental practices who are interested in unlocking the goodwill value of their businesses (or freeing themselves from all the management hassles) are invited to contact Dr. Daryl Holmes, Managing Director, on +61 (7) 4720 1300 or md@1300SMILES.com.au.

Qualified dentists who wish to know more about joining one of our established facilities are encouraged to contact Dr. Holmes directly or email dentalcareers@1300smiles.com.au or visit our website www.dentalcareersaustralia.com.au.